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Tante Fichte

Fine dining restaurant in Kreuzberg

Tante Fichte is the dream project of three skilled gourmands who joined forces to shake up dining service and food culture in Kreuzberg. Gastrophysics, love and experience are key drivers behind the unforgettable culinary creations that will land on your plate.

Aroma and texture are some of chef Dominik Matokanovic's guiding lights as he works through each season's bounty to create the monthly menus. Manager and maître d' Viktoria Kniely grew up in Austria's food and wine region with first class service culture service and knowledge running through her veins. In 2016, she won the prestigious "Host of the Year'' award. The food mixes traditional regional ingredients in both nouvelle cuisine and experimental design while staying grounded enough to satisfy most fine diners. A faint Mediterranean breeze through the kitchen lightens up the menus, lending the food an international character. The evening meal experience is from Wednesday to Saturday from 6pm. You can expect to walk and eat à la carte from 12 noon on Wednesday to Saturdays or takeaway from Thursday to Saturday 3-6pm.