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Underground station Messe Nord/ICC in Berlin
Underground station Messe Nord/ICC in Berlin © visumate

Subway at ICC - various films

Berlin's secret movie star

TThe subway with its orange tiles is a popular film location for Hollywood movies - from Bourne to Atomic Blonde.

The orange tiles and columns are THE film motif from Berlin par excellence - even more than the Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag. It is not a Berlin sight in the true sense of the word, but Hollywood loves it nonetheless. The subway right next to the ICC was the double for Moscow Airport in "The Bourne Supremacy". Hanna is fighting her way into her Joe Wright's "Hanna". And, of course, Shah Rukh Khan also raced through the tunnel as Don, only to continue straight afterwards in the Brandenburg forest.

Berliners also recognised the bright orange tiles and the 70s look of the subway in "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2". In the film, they are the trap-laden tunnel through which Jennifer Lawrence and her companions try to get into the Capitol. In the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War, a wild car chase takes place. Most recently, in Atomic Blonde, Charlize Theron engages in a shootout in a moving car in the tunnel.