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Bodenskulptur „Stufen“ von Micha Ullmann 2009
"Stufen" von Micha Ullmann in St. Matthäus © Stiftung St. Matthäus

"Stufen" (Steps) Underground Sculpture

Micha Ullman’s Memorial in St. Matthäus Church.

"Stufen" (Steps) is a subterranean sculpture made from white painted sheet metal in the excavated ground of the St. Matthäus Church.

This permanently installed piece provides Kulturforum (Berlin’s Cultural Forum) with a new symbolic work of art. Seven steps lead deep underground towards an inner space filled with red Israeli sand. The different red stairs made out of coloured sand are intertwined and range from dark red-brown to light red-brown. The “Steps” sculpture has a walkable glass plate top which creates a reverse reflection of the space. Inside, the movements of clouds can also be seen through the window in the sculpture. The reflection gives the effect of the stairs leading into the church. As with Ullmans’ sculpture in Bebelplatz, which commemorates the site of the Nazi book burning, viewers immediately become part of the work of art by making their own observations. The holy site of St. Matthäus Church has been consciously chosen to represent the reconciliation between Christians and Jews.

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