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Stadtbad Schöneberg
© STB Schöneberg Copyright: Elke A. Jung-Wolff/Berliner Bäder

Stadtbad Schöneberg "Hans Rosenthal" public swimming pool

A newly renovated public swimming pool in Schöneberg.

The Stadtbad Schöneberg public swimming pool reopened in January 2012 after three years of renovation work. This work turned out to be considerably more expensive than planned, but all the more necessary because of it. Since it reopened, the swimming pool has borne the name of the Jewish entertainer and presenter of the TV show Dalli Dalli, Hans Rosenthal. He learnt to swim here for the first time at age 25, after he was forbidden to enter the swimming pool as a child by the Nazis.

Child-friendly and suitable for disabled people

The facility has a non-swimmer pool and a pool for small children (including a children's slide), making it suitable for a family day out, which costs €10 with a family ticket (for two hours). An individual ticket costs €4 (concessions €3) for one hour's swimming, or €5 (concessions €4) for two hours. Disabled people can also swim with confidence, since there are water wheelchairs and lifts.