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Scones im Cafe
© GettyImages, Foto: OwenPrice

SPRO Scones Bakery & Coffee

British Tea Time in Berlin

Sweet, fruity, with nuts or savoury with vegetables and herbs - these little scones are true all-rounders. They are traditionally topped with jam and clotted cream, although the question of the correct order has caused many a discussion. But don't worry: at SPRO you can spread your scones to your heart's content or simply enjoy them plain. Because no matter how you like your scones best: the main thing is that you enjoy them!

Scones in all variations. And in keeping with the name, the question of tea or coffee in the SPRO is quickly answered with "both". Tea belongs to scones like royalty belongs to England. But SPRO is also a slang word for espresso. Coffee with a scone is also allowed here. If you are relaxed and your motto is "live and let live", then SPRO is the place for you. And at any time of day, because freshly baked scones are served here several times a day.