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Sports activities and recreation in SEZ in Friedrichshain.

Sportliches Treiben und Erholung im Friedrichshainer SEZ

SEZ, which stands for sports and recreation centre, dates back to the period when Germany was divided; it was built in 1981 in what was then the GDR. An oasis of recreation, with swimming pools and wave pools, right in the heart of the city - that was the idea behind SEZ. After the reunification of Germany, the then ramshackle was closed by the state of Berlin in 2002, and later sold. Today, it has fulfilled its purpose and offers sports lovers an immense range of activities, from indoor football to basketball, from badminton to table tennis and bowling. Only the swimming pool has unfortunately not been reopened. The SEZ Club day ticket, which costs €10 per guest, lets you use all the sports and recreational facilities on the extensive complex.