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Vergnügen in der Stadt
© Getty Images, Foto: Imgorthand

Splashing in the Weinbergspark

Trendy spot for kids and parents

There's really no more central spot in Berlin than the Weinbergspark. Surrounded by cosy little restaurants, cafés, bars and frozen-yoghurt shops, parents love to steer their prams to this green zone for a bit of a break. On hot days, you might want to bring a change of clothes and a towel, because, under the shade of a couple of trees, you'll find an ankle-deep splashing pool with fresh, running water.

Coffee and water

While the parents relax on the benches and sip their latte macchiatos to go, the little one can tramp through the over-sized (and clean) puddle, fill their cups with the fresh water and let the "raindrops" fall on their peers.

A request on our own behalf

The area around the park is home to many residents who live and work here. For these people, the park is an important recreation and relaxation area.

We kindly ask you to take this into account during your visit. Many thanks!