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Shuttlecock on speedminton racket
© Helios8

Speedminton ®

Invented in Berlin, Speedminton® (also called Speed-Badminton) has since conquered the whole world. The game is reminiscent of a mix of tennis, squash and of course badminton. It is mostly played outdoors, because the balls can easily fly 13 metres and the 5mx5m playing courts can be easily laid out. There’s no net. It can even be that you meet on two house roofs. In principle the trick is really simple: a heavy ball is not blown off course by the wind and allows the players to make targeted strokes.

Thus it can be played in any weather conditions. Blackminton® is an additional version. Here the racquets, the ball and the players are painted in fluorescent colours to glow in black light. The variant with six players standing in a circle is also popular here. For this purpose each of the players opposite each other plays their own game.