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Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

A shopping and browsing tour of Prenzlauer Berg

Interesting and trendy shops wherever you look

Small shops for browsing, creative designer stores, innovative decorations and homely shops – you can find all that and more in Prenzlauer Berg. There are no limits to the imagination here. Come with us on a very special shopping trip.

There’s something really special in Schivelbeiner Straße: vegan shoes! No leather, no wool, no felt – from peep toes to cork ankle boots, Avesu has everything that’s chic for your shoe cupboard.

The slippers from Pantoffeleck on Torstraße are genuine classics. You’ll find it hard to choose between camel hair, fluffy or closed slippers, but they’re all guaranteed to keep your feet warm!

On Hufelandstraße, Schneewitte has been established for many years, offering just the right second-hand and vintage clothing at moderate prices. Drop in and browse! For a trip back in time, go to VEB Orange on Oderberger Straße with its great choice of sixties and seventies furniture, fashion and accessories – from orange hair dryers to retro lampshades. If you prefer it more modern, there’s the ortefinder designer studio, which used to be the gatehouse of the Otis works, where individual room concepts and unusual objects are developed, along with interior design and unusual furnishings.

If your watch has given up the ghost after a long shopping trip and you don’t know what to do, then the Zeitgalerie is the place to go. With masterful skill and great passion, Burkhard Schlänger repairs old and broken timepieces and makes them tick again. It’s worth a visit to the gallery just to take a look!

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