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Schokoladen Hamann
© visitBerlin, Foto: Angela Kröll

Schokoladenhaus Hamann

Keeping it in the family with delectable dark chocolate delights

In a stunning 1920s Bauhaus-style store in stylish Wilmersdorf, you’ll find a team of chocolatiers crafting delicious treats to confectioner Erich Hamann’s original recipes that date back over a century. Run by son Gerhard, his wife Ingrid and their son Andreas, the family business has long been synonymous in Berlin with ‘the best of the best’ in confectionery – specialising in bars of rich and delectable dark chocolate as well as tasty milk chocolate and up to 60 different kinds of individual chocolates and pralines. Stop by the beautiful building to admire the clean lines of its design on your festive shopping trip – it’s a destination in its own right – and pick up a sweet treat for your loved ones that’s made from the finest ingredients with the utmost care.