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Interior of the bar Salon Babette
Salon Babette in Mitte from inside © visitBerlin, Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen

Salon Babette

Event space and bar in the heart of Berlin

A unique spot for drinks or events, you won't find another location like Salon Babette. Right next door to Café Moskau, the home of this trendy bar once served as a beauty salon in the former GDR.

Indulge your love of all things East Berlin and GDR history with a visit to Salon Babette. Located directly on the former socialist boulevard, this is where history comes alive. Experience a taste of the old East Berlin lifestyle at this former beauty salon. Enjoy the atmosphere and sip on the wide selection of drinks available. Choose from soft drinks, wines, beer, prosecco and cocktails, many of them sourced from small manufacturers from across Berlin and Northern Germany. Open Thursday to Saturday from 6pm to midnight.