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Alte Schmiede Rixdorf, Neukölln
Rixdorf am Abend © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Rixdorf (Berlin-Neukölln)

A village with medieval roots

The original "Richardsdorf" was founded in the Middle Ages and appears in the sources early on. Later the name was shortened to Rixdorf and the village was renamed. Today Rixdorf belongs to the Berlin district of Neukölln.

In addition to the local historical museum at Kirchgasse 5, there are many well preserved historical buildings in the narrow streets and alleys such as the "Rixdorfer Schmiede" and "Bethlehemskirche" (Bethlehem Church). The 1.2 hectare Comenius Garden at Richardplatz 35 is dedicated to the teachings of universal scholars and the last bishop of the Bohemian Brethren, Johann Amos Comenius. Thanks to the "life cycle" path, which traces the career of a person, and the beautiful garden architecture, both amateur philosophers and local residents can relax here. After a stroll through the historic district, you can still your hunger and quench your thirst with locally brewed beer, hearty food or coffee and cake in a traditional atmosphere. During the Alt-Rixdorf Christmas market, Richardplatz shines with the glow of many kerosene lights on the second weekend of Advent. And fitting with the Christmas tradition of brotherly love, charitable associations and organisations are supported at this unique Berlin Christmas market.