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Neuköllner Oper Berlin
Neuköllner Oper Berlin © Caterina Rancho

Neuköllner Oper

Open musical theatre

The Neuköllner Oper brings you culture right up close – and international culture to boot. It was the home of the first German-Turkish musical theatre in Germany, and could not be more different to “normal” opera houses.


Ever since it was founded in 1977 the Neuköllner Oper has reflected of our contemporary history, and has long since acquired a respected reputation.

Back then, the Neuköllner Oper rehearsed in churches and factory buildings, before moving into an old ballroom in the former Rixdorf assembly rooms on Neukölln's busy Karl-Marx-Straße in 1988.

Since then the company has staged modern interpretations of everything from baroque opera and musicals to operettas and experimental musical theatre.

Musical theatre in Neukölln

The open musical theatre attracts national and international attention. It can proudly call itself the first German-Turkish musical theatre in the country and has now become an institution, putting on numerous projects, co-productions and festivals.

The private theatre is supported by the Berlin Senate, receiving subsidies for individual projects. Sources of funding include the capital city’s cultural fund, GASAG and the cultural foundation.

What’s on at the Neuköllner Oper

The Neuköllner Oper aims to combine fun with serious entertainment and good humour. It creates new plays and combines them with old values.

The NO is a contemporary, experimental institution. From new forms of musical theatre to musicals and operettas, there is always something new and surprising to experience: crossover productions, musical theatre for families, musical premieres and much more besides.

In just 36 years the Neuköllner Oper has celebrated more than 160 world premieres – making it the most productive musical theatre in Europe.

Promoting young talent at the Neuköllner Oper

The Neuköllner Oper develops new plays in collaboration with the musical and show faculty of Berlin’s University of the Arts. This gives young actors a taste of life on stage and at the theatre. The project allows students to see how a play is developed and to experience all the challenges this presents. This valuable experience helps the young actors as they embark on their artistic careers.