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Neue Berliner Scala

Musicals and music revues away from the big stage

Enthusiastic spectators and great musical experiences on a small scale: Neue Berliner Scala offers strong shows and a very unique concept.

Culture is very important in Berlin. Entertainment as well. With such a wide variety of shows and events on offer, deciding what to see is often difficult. But if you'd like to have a special experience with one or two surprises, perhaps you should opt for the city's smaller houses and theatres. You're guaranteed not to be bored if you choose one of the muscials and revues at Neue Berlin Scala. The programme is characterised by strong women, changing shows, and an atmospheric ambience.

New theatre on Berlin's west side

Neue Berlin Scala focuses on affordable prices so that everyone can partake in sophisticated and fresh live entertainment. This theatre is a perfect fit for Berlin's young and wild arts and cultural scene, but it also appeals to cultural connoisseurs and musical lovers. There is a lot to discover under the surface of the Berlin's most prominent theatres and there are plenty of venues that are still insider tips for Berliners and visitors alike.

With such successes like Sekretärinnen, Edith Piaf od Girl’s Night, Neue Berliner Scala has developed a large repertoire of diverse themes and musical styles that continues to surprise and delight its audiences. Different styles of music from rock to soul and especially the French chanson entertain audiences from beginning to end.

The productions are marked with passion, humour, and ingenuity. The repertoire is large and Neue Berliner Scala is attracting a growing audience with its remarkable productions.

Before and after the show

There's a lot to do before and after a show in Berlin's Charlottenburg district, even if you'll find things a bit more sedated than in the more hip and trendy districts like Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Charlottenburg has many pleasant bars and restaurants that offer good times and the perfect pre-show dinner or nightcap.