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Walk on the tracks of Alexander von Humboldt

The great natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt was once at home in Berlin - and the metropolis on the Spree feels obliged to this heritage.

Not only the Humboldt-Universität (Humboldt University) but also museums, exhibitions and hands-on experimental courses are part of this tradition. A new destination that is particularly suitable for children and young people is the Humboldt Forum in the heart of Berlin: here, the interactive permanent exhibitions Insights: The Humboldt Brothers and After Nature provide exciting insights into the lives and research work of the world-famous brothers as well as into today's research approaches to climate change and species extinction. 

Also take your class on a guided tour of the Museum für Naturkunde. Other museums also have special tours and programmes for different age groups. Natural science exhibitions also await you and your class just outside Berlin, in Potsdam. The Extavium, an interactive hands-on museum, brings you closer to the laws of nature with interactive exhibits and changing experimental courses. And in the Biosphere, your pupils can learn about the flora and fauna of the tropics on jungle adventures.