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Museums that explain the world

Imparting knowledge in a playful way and showing new worlds: Berlin’s children’s museums take the young by the hand and tell them how things function and encourage children’s own creativity.

Many large museums also offer special guided tours for children. Getting involved is of course the aim. The MACHmit! Museum for children and the Labyrinth Kinder Museum are especially oriented towards children. MACHmit! is a combination of children’s museum and indoor playground. In the interactive Labyrinth children’s museum, children can learn about the world in a playful way. You can discover lots of things you can get up to with water at the WasserMuseum and Wasserwerkstatt (Water Museum and Water Workshop). Since June 2021, the Jewish Museum Berlin has had its own children's museum. ANOHA encourages people to think about respectful coexistence between humans, animals and nature and to create their own visions of a diverse and better world. Here you can find even more museums in Berlin.