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Klingendes Museum Berlin

A musical experience for the whole family

Please note: The current opening and closing hours and special hygiene rules for the Covid-19 are available on this website.

Don't just look - get involved. That's the ethos behind the Klingende Museum (Museum of Sound) in Berlin. Whether it's trumpet, timpani or violin, visiting children have the opportunity to play them all. Pick up instruments, strum them, blow them, hit them to make a sound. The idea behind this museum is to provide a relaxing atmosphere for younger visitors and foster their musical talent. You can also learn about instruments from across different historical periods, from harp to electric guitar, while professional musicians and museum instructors share their knowledge about the instruments' origins and importance.

Learn by doing: how sound turns into music

In 2002, German conductor Gerd Albrecht founds the Klingende Museum in Berlin with the aim of displaying to the public his extensive collection of musical instruments at events and workshops. In 2004, the Mobile Sound Unit is launched, a brightly coloured double decker bus which takes music and instrumental experiences into schools, nurseries and other types of youth groups. In 2007, the museum moves into its current premises in the Gesundbrunnen area of the city. From the street, the entrance to the Museum of Sound might look ordinary and unremarkable, but step inside the building and you enter an exciting musical world. Right at the entrance of the museum you'll find instruments just waiting to be played by young visitors. The rooms of the museum have been designed to be bright and creative spaces, and to spark children's curiosity in an environment which is all about having fun. Children always show great enthusiasm for playing the various instruments in the museum, supported by the museum staff who can show them how the instruments work and how to turn sounds and melodies into music. The Museum of Sound has a varied programme of events, from workshops to concerts, celebrations and festivals. Even very young visitors, from 3 and up, can take part in percussion workshops. Older children can enrol in a range of special workshops and courses based around brass, woodwind, string or percussion instruments.

Highlights of the Klingende Museum

  • Experience installation which shows how to make instruments from everyday objects.
  • Mobile Sound Unit bus which brings music to schools and nurseries.
  • Find out how to use your voice as an instrument in a choir.
  • Birthday parties for kids where smaller guests can try out the instruments.
  • Courses for babies and toddlers in the music garden.

Our tips for a visit to the Sound Museum

The easiest way to get to the museum is by taking S-Bahn lines S1, S2, S25, S41 or S41, subway line U8, the 247 bus or a regional train to Berlin Gesundbrunnen station. There is no parking at the museum, but you can park at Gesundbrunnencenter, a five minute walk away. The Klingende Museum has no fixed opening hours, but offers courses and events at dates agreed in advance to families, schools or nurseries. Booking your place in advance is essential.


Opening hours (additional information)

No general opening hours, see website