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Long Night of the museums in Berlin
Kulturforum at the Long Night of the museums © Sergej Horovitz

Long Nights in Berlin

When night owls gaze in wonder

Berlin’s nightlife is world famous. Yet the city has even more on offer when you step away from the clubs and bars. During the Long Night of the Sciences you can marvel at research projects up close for a whole evening. The Long Night of Museums does not only cast a spell on culture vultures, with its many concerts and theatre pieces. At the Long Night of Industry you can take a look inside the workshops of medium-sized companies and global corporations such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Siemens. At the Long Night of Religions churches, temples, mosques, synagogues and community centres open their doors to you. And the Long Night of Books attracts visitors with readings, presentations and performances.

Long Night of the Sciences

Witness exciting experiments, visit scientific workshops, listen to interesting talks and participate in numerous interactive events – you can experience all this during the Long Night of the Sciences in Berlin. 70 research institutes in Berlin and Potsdam will present their speciality subject areas to you:

  • People and society
  • Technology
  • Medicine and health
  • Natural sciences
  • Art and culture


Receive insights into the various topics of Berlin’s research landscape for a whole evening. Hear the distribution of income in Germany being explained. Test drive a fuel-cell bicycle. Take part in a brain obstacle course. Be chauffeured through the campus in Berlin-Buch on a rickshaw. Or participate in an Instawalk through the library at the Technical University. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to be amazed.

The next Long Night of the Sciences takes place on 06/09/2018.

Long Night of Sciences
Long Night of Sciences © Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft

Long Night of Museums

The whole city becomes one exhibition. During the Long Night of Museums you have the opportunity to marvel at the most significant exhibitions in an unusual atmosphere and experience constantly new perspectives. Colourfully lit foyers, bars and live music ensure a relaxed ambiance. Museum curators guide you through the galleries to their favourite artworks. Hidden exhibition rooms suddenly open. And you can also be active yourself, be it in dance or jewellery workshops. You can quickly and comfortably go from one museum to the next thanks to the shuttle bus service.

The next Long Night of Museums takes place on 08/26/2018.

Long Night of Industry

Have you ever watched as a motorbike is assembled? Ever set eyes on the individual components of a motor? Or have you ever viewed a gas turbine up close? At the Long Night of Industry you have the chance to do so. BWM, Mercedes-Benz and Siemens – three global corporations open their workshops to visitors for a whole evening. There are many other suppliers and other medium-sized companies whose Berlin locations you can also visit. A rare opportunity, not only for those members of the public interested in technology.

The next Long Night of Industry takes place in May 2018.

Long Night of Religions

Openness, tolerance and respect: that’s what the message is at the Long Night of Religions. Here you can ride tandem with an imam, priest or rabbi – to exchange views with them on religious differences and commonalities while cruising through Berlin’s inner city on a bike. You can also visit one of the 80 religious buildings that open their doors on this evening. From the well known world religions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism to smaller denominations such as Sikhs, you will be welcome everywhere. Often the community has also prepared some culinary specialities from abroad for you to try.

The next Long Night of Religions takes place on 09/08/2018.

Menora © Getty Images, Foto: blueenayim

Long Night of Books

Once a year the neighbourhood around Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg becomes a destination for bookworms. The Long Night of Books presents an evening of readings, performances and literary discussions. Here you can listen to authors read from their books, stock up on books for your own collection at the book flea market and you also get the chance to have poems and other lyrical texts recited at poetry slams. And all this in what is perhaps one of the most colourful districts in Berlin, with countless bars, cafés and restaurants providing welcome refreshment.

The next Long Night of Books takes place on 05/26/2018.

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