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Marzahn © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Kunst- und Keramikscheune SchaMottchen

Arts and craft instead of industrial products

Somewhat hidden at the edge of Angerdorf Alt-Marzahn, where noises of the big city are hardly heard, lies the art and ceramic workshop “SchaMottchen”. It was a former carpet stockroom. The ruined place was formed into a gem and is nowadays a manufacture and salesroom at the same time.

The annual arts and ceramic market is well known far beyond the borders of Marzahn. But visitors may find unique specimen at any given time of the year.  The workshop is opened during the week. People who want to be creative themselves have the opportunity in one of the many pottery classes. On a regular basis the special events take action in the “SchaMottchen” The popular classes are often quickly completely booked at the beginning of the year.

Opening hours

Mo, Mi, Fr 9-15 Uhr, Di+Do 9-19 Uhr