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Schwules Pärchen unterwegs in Berlin-Schöneberg
Schwules Bar im Café © visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius

Kreuzberg 61 for LGBTI*

Around the Mehringdamm

"Kreuzberg 61" is the western part of Kreuzberg near the Mehringdamm; the number refers to an old post code for the area. The centre of gay and lesbian life here is the Café Sundström. Here you can sit comfortably on a pavement café, watch and flirt with passers-by and drink your coffee fully relaxed.

In Bergmannstraße, designer and second-hand shops are the perfect opportunity for a shopping spree. Back on the Mehringdamm, cafés like Drama or the Sarotti-Höfe invite you to linger. SchwuZ offers parties of all sorts on Wednesdays and weekends, often with show elements and live concerts. Directly across the street is Rauschgold, with an inviting, cosy atmosphere for drinks and interactive shows. An evening in Kreuzberg 61 often ends at Curry 36 on Mehringdamm at the corner of Yorckstraße, one of the most popular curry wurst stands in Berlin.