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© visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Körnerpark in Babylon Berlin

Many residents call the Körnerpark the "Sanssouci of Neukölln". This is because of the neo-baroque orangery and the stairs that lead down from the streets to the green grounds. There was once a gravel pit here, so the park is several metres below street level. Neukölln owes this gem to the entrepreneur Franz Körner. He donated Berlin's most beautiful gravel pit to the city in 1916. However, on the condition that the park would later bear his name.

The makers of Babylon Berlin are also enthusiastic about Körner Park. On the open space in front of the Orangerie, the set designers install an ice skating rink in the fourth season. Chestnuts and hot drinks are on offer. A group of fraternity members are having fun with their professor. Not a good place for Jews. The Berlin jewellery dealer Jakob Grün learns this in a painful way. His cousin Abraham Goldstein, a gangster boss from America, arrives just in time and puts the anti-Semitic group in their place.

Today, curling is no longer offered in Körnerpark. But a gallery and a café in the Orangerie invite visitors to linger. The concert series "Summer in the Park" and "Salon Music" in spring and autumn provide musical entertainment in the park all year round.
Above all, however, the residents of Neukölln meet on the large lawn for picnics, sports or simply to relax.