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Kame © Magnus Aspelin, GAMERA GmbH


Japanese café & bakery

At a party in the well-connected Japanese community in Berlin, is where a group of friends developed the idea to bake Japanese bread rolls and pastries. Japanese delicacies are a true craft, which are considered to be the result of culturally transforming well-travelled, yet locally produced products. The Japanese bakery Kame, which could previously only be found at various events and in the Markthalle Neun (Market Hall Nine), has also had its own café in Charlottenburg since January 2016. The beautiful light café with the name Kirschblüten für Gottfried Wilhelm (cherry blossoms for Gottfried Wilhelm) provides plenty of space, and besides diverse coffee varieties, matcha cheesecake and savoury breads, there is also an extensive selection of Japanese teas. This is definitely worth a visit for your next stroll along the Ku´Damm.

Also available in Berlin-Mitte: Linienstraße 113, 10115