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3 Weducer Cup Refined von Kaffeeform
3 Weducer Cup Refined von Kaffeeform aus Kaffeesatz von lokalen Partnern und Cafés in Berlin © Fotograf: Luke Marshall Johnson


Innovative take away coffee cups for a clear conscience.

Each day, discarded tale away coffee cups cause a lot of unnecessary waste around the world. The ambitious Berlin-based company Kaffeeform has come up with a sustainable solution to this problem: reusable coffee cups made from coffee grounds.

Using recycled coffee grounds, recycled wood fibres and a plant-based polymer, the creative little manufacturer has been producing its sustainable, reusable take away cups in Berlin since the year 2015. 

Unlike many bamboo cups, for example, no chemical softeners or other harmful products are required. Another brand new product in the range is the Coffee Watch with a housing made from coffee grounds - the first of a whole series of innovations that the company has planned for the future. Products from Kaffeeform are available online, at selected retailers and in selected cafés. 

By the way, each coffee mug from Kaffeeform holds a piece of Berlin: The coffee grounds used are collected by a bicycle collective from Berlin cafés and then dried in a social workshop in Berlin before being delivered to the production sites in Germany. The finished coffee cups are finally shipped from Berlin in cooperation with a social workshop.

Kaffeesatz für die Herstellung der Kaffeeform Becher
Die Herstellung der Kaffeeform Becher mit Kaffeesatz aus Berlin © Fotograf: Luke Marshall Johnson