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Babylon Berlin
© X Filme Creative Pool GmbH/ARD Degeto Film GmbH/Das Erste/Sky Deutschland/Beta Film GmbH, Foto: Frédéric Batier

Jewish Cemetery Weissensee in Babylon Berlin

It is a tradition to place a stones on the grave you visit at a Jewish cemetery. Flowers wither, but stones stand for permanence and immortality.

Gangster Abraham Goldstein also brings a stone with him when he visits the Jewish cemetery in Weißensee in season 4 of Babylon Berlin. His stone is not only particularly valuable, but also has great significance for the fate of his family. The gravestone of Goldstein's uncle, however, only exists in the series and was erected especially for it.

But visitors to the Jewish Cemetery will find more than 100,000 other gravestones on the huge grounds. Magnificent mausoleums, demonstrating the self-confidence of the assimilated Jews before 1933, stand next to plain gravestones. They all tell of the eventful history of Berlin's Jews. The cemetery grounds are more than 55 football fields in size.