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Hummus & Co. will entice you in Berlin

Falafel, shakshuka and hummus: In Berlin, dishes from the eastern Mediterranean region are more popular than ever before. Above all, it is Israeli cuisine which is currently on everyone´s lips in the metropolis. It can thank young expats from Tel Aviv for that, who are reinterpreting the classics of Jewish cuisine here in Berlin. In Israeli cooking, familiar flavours from Europe meet with mysterious oriental notes. That´s what makes its taste so distinctive and exciting. It is also considered to be particularly healthy, being based on lots of fresh vegetables and wholesome olive oil. Israeli restaurants in Berlin will blow you away with their relaxed, yet lively ambience. You can look forward to new culinary experiences and savour Jewish delicatessen with tasty drinks and chilled out beats. The food is not kosher everywhere - but promises to be delicious every time.

Here you will find the top 11 places for delicious hummus in Berlin - compiled by our blog editors.