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World's largest format camera

The IMAGO 1:1 is a one-of-a-kind large-format camera that captures life-sized portraits on a special direct positive black-and-white paper. With a size of 7x4x3 metres the IMAGO 1:1 allows its guests to step into its massive body that seems like a gigantic photo booth. The black-and-white self-portrait in true ratio of 1:1 at a size of 60x200cm (2ftx6ft 6ins) takes about ten minutes. Whereas other photographic techniques are based on reproducable techniques such as analogue negatives or digital data, an Imagogram is a unique moment captured on high quality photographic paper that only exists once in the world. Artists like Jonathan Meese or Ernst Fuchs used the experimental possibilities of the camera for their artistic purposes, fashion designers used it to photograph their collections and psychotherapists used it to discover the self of their clients. Susanna Kraus herself curated exhibitions about Viennas psychoanalysts (2006), the acrobats of the circus Roncalli (2007), professors of the ZKM in Karlsruhe (2008), the cooks of Berlin (2010) or the punks of Kreuzberg (2011). These works explicitly deal with the IMAGO 1:1 as a medium of self-portrayal and aim to explore the boundaries and visual possibilites of the IMAGO 1:1 every time a new.


The IMAGO 1:1 was constructed in the 70's. The "heavy load lady" in best-age is not suitable for transport anymore. Therefore the mobile IMAGO1:1, IMAGOphotour, was built by Susanna Kraus and her sons, whose grandfather Werner Kraus was inventor of the original camera. Get here further information to support the crowdfunding project. Offers and prices: IMAGO 1:1

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