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Houseboat rental "Wasserkutsche"

For the environmentally friendly mini vacation

Cast off for your houseboat ride. The electrically operated water carriages are perfect for a day trip, but also invite you to long weekends and longer holiday trips. No licence required.

The easy-to-use houseboats are anchored just one fin stroke away from the Oberbaumbrücke. Each individual so-called "Wasserkutsche" is equipped with lots of love for detail and runs quietly and emission-free by electric motor. The houseboats are easy to handle and fun to ride. Whether a day trip, a trip with children to the next bathing beach, birthday or wedding trips into the blue, a longer trip with overnight stays on the lake under the starry sky up to extended trips over several days into the water wilderness of Brandenburg: The "Wasserkutschen" are equipped for short trips up to whole holidays. And best of all: You don't even need a boating license for the trip into the blue: After a detailed briefing you will become a captain in no time at all. So cast off the ropes - and discover Berlin's nature and waterways.