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Lulu Guldsmeden Außenansicht
© Lulu Guldsmeden Hotels GmbH

Lulu Guldsmeden

Potsdamer Straße 67, 10785 Berlin

The time is here & now, Lulu Guldsmeden has just opened its doors and it's absolutely adorable. A beautiful building with the best location on Potsdamer Strasse. We look forward to hosting lots of happy travellers in one of the most inspiring and vibrant cities in Europe! Berlin has a very special vibe that is a perfect match for the Guldsmeden way of life: relaxed, friendly and informal and at the same time innovative and full of life and humor. Germany's first ‘hygge' hotel reflects the relaxed boho eco luxury that is found in all Guldsmeden hotels around the world. Guided by the idea of luxurious simplicity and authentic sustainability within a hotel experience. Let Lulu be your new home in this metropole with 81 different comfy rooms including six Lulu's Suites to offer you additional sleeping or lounging space - of course all equipped with the signature Guldsmeden four-poster beds.