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Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin
© © 2015 Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin, Foto: Markus Stegner

Hegenbarth Collection Berlin

Josef Hegenbarth - calendar storyteller

The private Hegenbarth Collection Berlin holds a large stock of drawings, water colours, and paintings on paper, as well as etchings and prints by Josef Hegenbarth (1884–1962).

The Hegenbarth Sammlung Berlin is a private collection with comprehensive Works of Josef Hegenbarth (1884-1962). It has moved into public quarters in
central Berlin between Gedächtniskirche, Europa Center and KaDeWe ('Department Store of the West') since October 2014. Hegenbarth combined the most diverse techniques of graphic creation. He understood how to link reality and abstraction in one expressive line. He continually developed his unmistakeable haltmark. He depicts the manifestation of life; as a portraitist of people and animals, in the presentation of biblical subjects as much as in scenes of everyday life - in the street, in the circus or in the zoo. The Hegenbarth collection presents a broad cross-section of the artists work. Combined with the stock of secondary literature and an illustrated edition of books, the collection provides a comprehensive view of Hegenbarth's drawings. Mr. Hegenbarth invites you to enter a dialogue with other arts and artists. We offer a diversified event programme with performances, lectures and workshops.

Visits from 1.9.2019 by prior appointment by telephone

030-2360 9999