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Hannah-Höch-Haus in Berlin: Home of the artist
The house and garden of Hannah Höch © BA Reinickendorf


The painter and graphic artist Hannah Höch withdrew to this house in 1939 after having been denounced by the Nazis as a “cultural Bolshevik”. Until her death in 1978 she lived here surrounded by a heavenly garden which today – just like the house – is a listed heritage site. The small wooden hut built in 1913 on the Schulzendorf airfield was converted to a summer house in 1920.

The idyllic surroundings were the inspiration for the artist’s paintings and drawings and also served a very practical purpose: she sold flowers from the garden at the cemetery and fruit at the market. Hannah Höch is regarded as the inventor of the photo collage and was part of the Dada movement, which broke the ground for modern Pop Art. The artist Johannes Bauersachs now lives in the building, but if you ring up in advance you can join a guided tour.

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