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Gedenkstätte Stille Helden Dauerausstellung
Gedenkstätte Stille Helden Dauerausstellung © Gedenkstätte Stille Helden

Gedenkstätte Stille Helden

Life Stories of Opponents of the Nazi Regime.

Temporarily closed

The memorial Stille Helden commemorates individuals who helped persecuted Jews during the National Socialist dictatorship. The example of the helpers often described as "silent heroes" shows that it was possible to save persecuted people in Nazi Germany.

Even in the German-occupied territories, a number of Germans still found the courage to help as far as they could, despite the risk involved. The permanent exhibition shows the persecution and the desperate situation of Jews facing the threat of deportation, how some of them decided to resist the threat to their lives by going underground, as well as the actions and motivations of the men and women who helped them. It documents not only successes in saving Jews, but also attempts that failed.