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Green city Berlin
Green city Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Gartenstadt Frohnau

A picturesque villa district

Take a deep breath. The resounding beauty and rural tranquillity of Reinickendorf’s most northern area brings to mind a typical English garden.

Especially in summer, when the flowers in the tidy gardens are in bloom, their scent fills the air and the fountains gush, you can relax and forget time in one of the peaceful spots in the parks or in Buddhist House.

The train station, with its art-nouveau entrance building, along with Zeltinger Platz and Ludolfingerplatz, which are connected by a bridge, form the heart of this exclusive residential area. On warm days, children play on the grassy patch at Ludolfingerplatz west of the bridge. The 35-metre high listed tower building that overlooks the square is a landmark of Frohnau and there are plans to restore it to its former glory. A bit further east, the setting becomes somewhat romantic: surrounded by an avenue of white blossom chestnut trees, a pergola covered in vine leaves frames the panorama terrace of Zeltinger Platz.

In the northern part of Frohnau, a courtyard for artists was set up in 1998 at a picturesque location in the woods. If you continue on from here towards the former border, to where the Wall once stood, you will be surprised to discover paved roads, kerbs and pavements. These are the remains of development plans that were abandoned when World War I broke out. Hubertussee is an idyllic lake created by excavation that was carried out for construction projects.

Heading back towards the centre of Frohnau, you will experience a touch of Asia at the impressive temple complex of Buddhist House. It is the oldest Buddhist institution in Europe and is run by monks from Sri Lanka. Culture fans should stop by at Centre Bagatelle at Zeltinger Platz No. 6. This representative villa with its pretty garden is the venue for French language classes, theatre performances, concerts and festivals.