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Vintage & Second Hand Shopping: Two girls look into the jewellery showcase
Two girls are vintage & second hand shopping © gettyimages, Foto: Joos Mind


Vintage Second Hand de luxe

Selected designer pieces and hand-picked looks from the best times in fashion - at Garments you can stock up on new favourite pieces from times gone by.

Precious second-hand with history

Vintage is hip. If you're walking through the streets of Berlin, you've probably noticed the trend towards vintage and retro. A whole city like a catwalk. Some of the most beautiful pieces are definitely from Garments. The vintage store by Astrid Lafos and Sandra Keil has been catering to the wishes and preferences of fashion-conscious city dwellers since 2009. With this long history, the store itself can almost be considered vintage.

Vintage for all walks of life

Garments is not writing its success story without reason, of course.In Berlin's huge fashion landscape, the lovingly furnished store in Mitte is something of a gem. Once you've found it, you won't want to buy your second-hand and vintage clothes anywhere else.
In addition to a large selection of vintage and designer pieces, you'll also find complete looks here.With loving craftsmanship and an unerring eye, the two shopkeepers combine matching pieces to create a coherent whole. All you have to do is come into the shop and think about what you're in the mood for: you'll find everything from brightly coloured with feathers to subtle in black and white.
The stylists and costume designers in Berlin know this, too. You can rent the beautiful vintage fashion by the day for films, photo shoots and more. But don't worry: after a short trip into the glamorous world of film, your future favourite pieces will be ready for you again.