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"Yes, much can poetry, the child of heaven" - Two best friends - Proteus and Valentin - fall in love with Silvia, the daughter of the Duke of Milan. Proteus breaks his vows of love to Juliet, plots against his friend Valentin to get him out of the way, and nearly rapes his object of desire. Despite these and other atrocities, a surprisingly abrupt happy ending ensues.

Additional information
Participating artists
Arnim Beutel (Regie)
Katharina Hegedüsch (Ausstattung)
Martin Molitor (Übersetzung)
Johanna-Julia Spitzer (Dramaturgie)
Hans Petith (Komponist/in)
Katharina Kwaschik
Caroline Siebert
Katja Uhlig
Michael Günther
David Nádvornik
Johannes Quissanga