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With their new album "Ticket To Shangri-La", Young Gun Silver Fox transport their fans to a magical, mythical world of sunshine and good vibes. The fourth album makes clear in every song how well chosen the title "Ticket To Shangri-La" is. 70s vibes, West Coast folk vocal harmonies, soul grandeur and serenity characterize their compositions. Behind it are two musicians who didn't seek each other out, yet found each other and are a perfect match.


Andy Platts and Shawn Lee live their musical lifestyle. One is a composer and songwriter, the other a producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer in the global soul and funk community. Andy Platts rose to fame as a member of the soul-funk band Mamas Gun.

Together as Young Gun Silver Fox, both allow themselves creative freedom and turn to an era that appreciated good sounds. So they make serious, light and casually grooving terrific music. Platts sings in all the vocal tracks, Lee assembles them into great harmony vocals. Underneath is the sound of disco and soul, 70ies classic rock and fusion jazz, Steely Dan, Prefab Sprout, the Eagles and whoever else.

Platts says, "I always come back to Young Gun Silver Fox like I'm driving to the coast, breathing in the sea and the air. I just sit back and enjoy."

The production is precise and on point, warm and radiant, the instrumentation and arrangements are balanced from the rhythm sections to the background vocals to the horn sections and sax solos, and yet you never hear all the work behind the tracks. That's the magic of Young Gun Silver Fox.

In February, the two talents come to Berlin with their new album "Ticket To Shangri-La".

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