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Trabi Museum Berlin

He was the Volkswagen of the GDR - the Trabant. Between 1958 and 1991, more than three million cars rolled off the production line in Zwickau, Saxony - too few to satisfy demand. GDR citizens usually had to wait years for the car they ordered. After the rattling two-stroke engine disappeared from the streets in the 1990s, it has been finding fans again for some time.

The Trabi Museum near Checkpoint Charlie exhibits about 15 Trabants of different generations, including special ones. On display are, among other things, one of the two tank Trabis manufactured in the GDR and a car tested by the People's Police - before they decided on the Wartburg.

The camping trollies, where a tent could be installed on the roof, are now collector's items. And who would have thought that the duroplast car was also successful in racing? The 80 hp Trabi on display drove at speeds of up to 196 kilometres per hour.In film sequences, engineers involved in the production of the Trabant and fans of the colourful vehicle have their say.

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