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Enter Dagmar Manzel and Max Hopp. She plays: Manon Cavallini, the opera diva, Raoul Severac, her suitor, as well as the father of her daughter Lucy. He plays: this very same daughter, all five of Cavallini’s lovers, and on top of that, Lucy’s gallant. In further roles – Dagmar Manzel and Max Hopp!

Noten © visitBerlin, Illustration: Klio Karadim

Twenty characters, two performers. A breathless tour de force with an orchestra, conducted by Adam Benzwi, that serves up a firework display of fastpaced marches, tempestuous waltzes and incomparable chansons composed by Oscar Straus.

»After just 90 minutes, one feels totally drunk on so much energy, intellect and wit.« [BERLINER MORGENPOST] The Vienna-born Oscar Straus, one of the most famous operetta and film composers in the 1920s and 1930s and who enjoyed success at Arnold Schönberg's Überbrettl cabaret composer college in Berlin and also in exile in Hollywood, premièred his operetta with Fritzi Massary in the main role and featuring brisk marches, tempestuous waltzes and incomparable chansons such as »Die Sache, die man Liebe nennt« and »Warum soll eine Frau kein Verhältnis haben« to great acclaim in 1932 at the legendary Metropol Theater, today the Komische Oper Berlin. She should. For a woman who knows what she wants! In the repertoire since 31 Jan 2015
  • 1 h 30 min, no intermission
(Program in German)

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Additional information
Oscar StrausMusical comedy in two acts [1932]Text by Alfred Grünwald based on Louis Verneuil
Participating artists
Adam Benzwi (Musikalische Leitung)
Adam Benzwi (Musikalisch-szenische Einrichtung)
Pavel B. Jiracek (Dramaturgie)
Pavel B. Jiracek (Musikalisch-szenische Einrichtung)
Katrin Kath (Kostüme)
Barrie Kosky (Inszenierung)
Barrie Kosky (Musikalisch-szenische Einrichtung)
Diego Leetz (Licht)
Dagmar Manzel (Solistin)
Max Hopp (Solist)
Es spielt das Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin.
Komische Oper Berlin
Komische Oper Berlin
Komische Oper Berlin