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Rag Doll

When Rag Doll formed in 2012, singer Käthe von T. and pianist Amy Protscher agreed: Bessie Smith is to blame for their dedication to the 1920s and their music with Rag Doll.

The emotional exuberance and the coarse but honest humour of the "Empress of the Blues" Bessie Smith and her contemporaries from Ma Rainey and Ethel Waters to Alberta Hunter are always a pleasure for the Berlin musicians to be taken back to this golden musical age and its history(s).

Tanja Becker, whose furious virtuosity on the trombone completes the line-up of the classic Bessie Smith Trio, is also part of the group. Together, the three Berlin musicians take their audience on a journey through the golden age of ragtime, boogie woogie, Harlem stride and barrelhouse.

The spark is instant, and they transform every stage into a grand old juke joint in the American South of the 1920s. And as it is in places like these: you can listen, swing and dance until the air burns. Welcome to the Roaring Twenties!


  • Käthe von T.: vocals
  • Tanja Becker: Trombone/Vocals
  • Amy Protscher: piano/vocals/percussion

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