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Standup vs. Poetry

Standup vs. Poetry: The funniest stand-up comedians in town meet the most eloquent poetry slammers. A high-class competition: namely for the audience's diaphragm. The Wedding Slam Royale (formerly: Fusion Slam) is the only monthly deluxe format of the Berlin Poetry Slam.

Every edition is different: In Berlin's only regular slam deluxe show, the neighborhood poets bring poetry slam together with other arts every month: crime fiction, jazz, drama, painting, improv, comedy and more. Every show is absolutely unique.

Where does the Wedding Slam Royale take place?

The main location of the Fusion Slam is the Ballhaus Wedding - a chic hall for around 150 guests, near Osloer Straße. The Ballhaus Wedding brings this extraordinary show into a hall that couldn't be more appropriate: between the chandelier and peeling plaster, the gold-decorated entrance and, well, the Wedding.

Extraordinary poetry slams: Every month the neighborhood poets surprise you with a different art that enriches the evening: art song, drama, improv theater, stand-up, piano and jazz are planned. And don't worry: if you particularly like a format, the neighborhood poets will of course repeat it.
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