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In this wonderful comedy of mistaken identity, Shakespeare moves the action to an island that seems to be the land of milk and honey for some, while for others there is no escape. Some of Shakespeare's most beautiful and diverse characters appear in concentrated form, making WHAT YOU WANT! one of the most frequently performed comedies and at the same time a grandiose bravura piece for a musical ensemble that enjoys playing.

But for all its rousing entertainment value, it is always about serious content: The discourses on devotion and dominance, self-image and projection in love, presented in poetic linguistic art, move lovers of all stripes and at all times; they provide the material for role reversal and trench warfare between the sexes. Shakespeare continues the core theme of his comedies here: the longings, pains and hardships of human relationships.

The production uses this timelessly modern starting point and thus holds a mirror up to all with a wink: A happy ending seems possible, but not mandatory - but love is stronger.
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Participating artists
Alexander Flache (Regie)
Anja Furthmann (Bühne)
Raimund Klaes (Licht & Technik)
Gabriele Kortmann (Kostüm)
Christian Leonard (Übersetzung)
Toni P. Schmitt (Dramaturgie)
Tamara Zenn (Maske)
Elisabeth Milarch
Michael Günther
Nico Selbach
Kim Pfeiffer
Katja Uhlig
Stefan Plepp