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by Samuel Beckett

"Waiting for Godot", a play of the century, icon of modern theater literature, written by Samuel Beckett, Irish Nobel Prize winner, and one of the most important writers of the 20th century.

It opens with Estragon and Vladimir, the main characters of the play, in a strange, indefinable world where time and space seem to play no part, although they constantly await the arrival of Godot.

While waiting, they encounter two contradictory figures, get bogged down in seemingly irrelevant and endless discussions and philosophical excursions about the meaning and nonsense of life.

Whether they are actually waiting for Godot or something completely different is up to the viewer, alias the spectator, who will be amazed to find that his own existence is sometimes not too far removed from the thoughts and impressions of the stage characters. An exciting evening.
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Participating artists
Ramón Beitzke
Huy Michael Hoang
Dominik Kindermann
Fabian Alexander Peverstorf
Peer Martiny
Emily Gnädig