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"Adventures" CD- Release concert+

CD release concert with Vicente's eleventh CD "Adventures" hot off the press. With a charming and highly entertaining mixture of soundscapes and virtuoso instrumentals, the multi-award-winning guitar magician Vicente Patiz takes us on an exciting safari around the world. Patiz has mastered the great art of entertaining in an exciting and extremely funny way.

Immerse yourself in passionate fiestas in Havana and exhilarating moments in Tibet. Enjoy Parisian flair and the dreamy beaches of Andalusia, wondrous moose encounters in the Arctic Circle and the magic of the desert. With 54 strings, didgeridoos and a loop station, Patiz brings the world to the concert.

A concert to dream, laugh and be amazed.

“An Orchestral Firework” (MDR)

Admission: 18 euros