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Young men with background terrorize German society in the struggle for western civilization. Their background is usually a migrant, Muslim or educational, often with Turkish or Arab roots ...

Verrücktes Blut
Verrücktes Blut © Ute Langkafel - 2018

These men force their women to wear headscarves and then – instead of going to work or to school – they refuse to integrate and continue to produce more girls that they force to wear headscarves. That just about summarizes common assumptions in the current »integration debate«.

There’s still one last chance for salvation – the good old German school system, i.e. education, education, education! One day a teacher is presented with a unique opportunity: She’s trying to teach her unruly students about Friedrich Schiller’s view of humanity when a pistol falls into her hands, a real one! She hesitates for a moment, then she takes her students hostage. She forces them, at gunpoint, to get up on stage and act out Schiller’s The Robbers. This hostage situation begins an enigmatic dance of genres from thriller to comedy to melodrama that gleefully deconstructs all allegedly clear-cut concepts of identity.

With English surtitles

Premiere: 22. November 2013

Additional information
By Nurkan Erpulat, Jens Hillje
Participating artists
Erol Afşin
Tamer Arslan
Emre Aksızoğlu
Željko Marović
Aylin Esener
Paul Wollin
Sesede Terziyan
Svenja Liesau
Nurkan Erpulat
Magda Willi
Tobias Schwencke
Hans Leser
Jens Hillje
Maxim Gorki Theater: Container