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Arda doesn’t know how much time he has left. His organs are failing as he lies in the hospital in his hometown in the Ruhr area; his mother Ümran and sister Aylin take turns sitting at his bedside. They haven’t spoken to each other in ten years. To bid farewell, Arda turns to his father, a man he has never met.

Arda tells this stranger about birthdays in the foreigners’ office and about his last summer on the square by the train station, before all his friends disappear. Bojan is deported. Danny becomes a father too soon. Savaş returns to Turkey after losing his mother. But Arda also tells him about his sister and mother: about Aylin, who runs away from home. And about Ümran, who certainly thought her life was going to turn out differently.

Necati Öziri is back at the Gorki and, together with Sasha Marianna Salzmann, presents his debut novel.
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