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Ute Lemper's new program "Rendezvous with Marlene" is based on a 3-hour telephone conversation between Marlene Dietrich and her in 1988 in Paris, 32 years ago. Ute was just at the beginning of her theater and music career. Marlene Dietrich, on the other hand, was already looking back on a long, full life filled with films, music, incredible collaborations, love stories and fame. They talk about her life, her work and her style, her love for Rilke, her complicated relationship with Germany, her grief and her fascinations.


Ute Lemper, by now a world star herself and for a long time considered the "new Marlene", tells us about it in her new program, takes us with her, 30 years into the past and lets us participate in her conversation with Marlene. She tells us Marlene's story and sings her fabulous songs from all chapters of her life, from the Berlin cabaret years to her fabulous collaboration with Burt Bacharach.

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