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A musical journey to Michael Ende with music by Schlagwerk Voermans

We send everyone from the age of 5 who loves stories by Michael Ende on a special sound journey full of wit and depth: At the wedding of the lion, the turtle wants Tranquilla Trampeltreu. As is so often the case, the long journey becomes the real goal and is worth it just because of the percussion music by Schlagwerk Voermans, which characterizes all the wonderfully spun animals that Tranquilla encounters along the way.

without intermission

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Educational Services
Participating artists
Maren Voermans (Konzept und Schlagwerk)
Mark Voermans (Schlagwerk)
André Lewski (Sprecher)
Martin Lutz (Klangregie)
Christin Vahl (Bühne und Kostüm)
Christine Mellich (Dramaturgie und Szenische Einrichtung)