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Geht nicht? Gibt's nicht!

If the name says it all and includes a sore throat the next day, then we are right in the middle of Tan Caglar's new solo program - "Can't do it? Doesn't exist!” And who could embody this title better than the comedian, who has created a new kind of German stand-up comedy with his unique selling point?

In his first successful program, "Rollt bei mir...!", he proved that Tan Caglar knows better than anyone else how to combine his handicap with inclusion, wit and irony. After two years on tour, the charming jack-of-all-trades published his eponymous biography in the summer of 2019. In it, Tan takes the reader on an emotional and humorous tightrope walk.

After the tour and book success, take it easy on the rims and take a break? Out of the question for Tan! His second solo program, aptly titled “Geht nicht? Doesn't exist!" is already in the starting blocks. In the usual amusing manner, Tan uncovers the pitfalls of everyday life and nonchalantly settles accounts with the "pedestrians" in the life of a wheelchair user.

The smart German-Turk self-ironic reports on therapy visits in which he processes his happy childhood in Hildesheim and how he advertises skipping ropes as an influencer. It does not work? there isn't!

(Program in German)

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