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Symphonie is an interactive theater piece supported by digital technologies for up to 60 participants, which deals with questions about being heard. Who gets a vote and who doesn't? Who is included? Who is excluded? In conversation, in a group, in society.

Symphony is part of the Look, No Screens! — a collaboration between Kobakant, the Drama and Object course at the Ernst Busch School of Drama in Berlin, and Theater Strahl.

About the piece

Can you hear us?

who is listening to us

how do we sound

is anyone listening

Who isn't listening?

When does this stop?

who hears you

where are you listening

Listen to it!

Funded by the Jupiter program of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.
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Educational Services
Participating artists
Anna Vera Kelle
Hannah Perner-Wilson
Mika Satomi