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From New York to Tokyo, the three comedians have won the hearts of audiences with their unique blend of dance, acrobatics and non-verbal comedy.

Your new program “JUMP! - Reloaded" is refreshing, crazy and outrageously funny! A brilliant spectacle was created under the direction of Nadja Sieger. Comedy without words that convinces with timing and rhythm. Props and costumes are used sparingly but effectively. Fabian Berger, Martin Burtscher and Wassilis Reigel jump, dance and ride through their sketches like living cartoons. The three Swiss don't tell jokes, they play them, meticulously timed. Unique how synchronously they can move and stand in the way at the same time, like an elegantly modern version of the Marx Brothers.

Director: Nadja Sieger (known as "Nadeschkin" from "Ursus und Nadeschkin")
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