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Like no other castle, Rheinsberg enchants its visitors with its picturesque location on Lake Grienerick. Here, nature, architecture and art combine to form a wonderful ensemble. Numerous works of art adorn the rooms of the castle and invite you to take a journey back in time to the 18th century.

Through extensive restoration work, it has been possible in recent years to recover the original room decorations from the Frederician period (around 1740) as well as the early classicist room settings (around 1786) created under Prince Heinrich. Together with the paintings and handicraft objects exhibited here, they convey an impression of the living culture, lifestyle and collecting activities of the former owners.

Frederick the Great spent the happiest time of his life as crown prince in Rheinsberg. It was his rehearsal room, where he developed innovative design ideas, which he later completed with great mastery at Sanssouci.

His younger brother, Prince Heinrich of Prussia, subsequently created an important court of the Muses here and left a lasting impression on the palace and gardens in the style of early classicism. In his "Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg" (Walks through the Mark of Brandenburg) Theodor Fontane set a literary monument to the town, and soon after Kurt Tucholsky made Rheinsberg the charming fulfillment of carefree love. Even today, hardly any visitor can escape the charm of the place.

The former muses court of Prince Heinrich lives on with the castle, the Rheinsberg Music Academy and the Rheinsberg Castle Chamber Opera as well as the Kurt Tucholsky Literature Museum.
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